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Meridian Massage (MM)
Meridian Massage (MM) simply means stimulating the acupressure points using various techniques to helps us clear any blockage and balance the flow of qi & blood in the meridians, thereby, alleviating common health problems and also achieving Total Wellness for our body and prevent us from falling sick easily.

LOHAS Meridian Massage Workshop (Comprehensive) – DIYMMC

The two days RETREAT & WORKSHOPS isHave fun at meridian massage workshops designed for people who

would like to understand basic theory of TCM and fundamentals of twelve meridians, including the five elements in our body.  With the essential understanding of the five elements and meridians, participants are able to understand their own health status, thus able to customize their own meridian massage routine to improve their health and vitality.  With the similar knowledge acquired, participants are able to take care of their love ones, especially if they have growing up children or old folks to take care.
LOHAS Meridian Massage is a simple, easy and practical Chinese arts of ancient natural therapy combined with modern medicine concepts.  This allows easy understanding and practical for participants.

The participants will learn the following:
1. Basic of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concept.
2. Understand the 5 Elements of your body
3. The interaction of the 5 Elements that how it affects your health.
4. Learn the 12 important meridians in your body and ways to take care of your meridians.
5. How to locate the important points.
6. Practical meridian massage to relieve common illness such as headache, migraine, stiff neck and shoulder, digestion issues, high blood pressure, relieve stress and stress related symptoms, overweight or underweight, bowel movement, lethargic, sensitive nose, sinus and etc.
(Lots of practical and hands-on session)
7. Based on the knowledge of 5 Elements and 12 meridians, you can discover your body type and health status.
8. Understand the basic of essential oil and how to use essential oil to improve your health.
9. Healthy Herbal Eating and daily food that nourishes your meridian.
There will be one week interval between each modules so that participants have time to practice and experience better health.
At the end of the training, participants will be equipped with good knowledge to take care of themselves and their family members.
Past Participants Feedback
“I used to have bloated stomach, constipation and my lips color was dull. Test result showed that I am weak at my spleen.   The first session practicing LOHAS Meridian Flexercise help me clear my bowel 4 times a day. I continue to practice the technique and my stomach no longer bloated, my spleen energy has improved. Now I practice the LOHAS Meridian Flexercise and other techniques diligently. I started to teach family members around me”, Lek Inn, Semi-retired, 3 Dec 2011
“The LOHAS Meridian Massage and LOHAS Meridian Exercises is very effective for me. It helped me saved $80 per months because I no longer need the expensive supplement for my bowel movement. Now my stomach doesn’t feel bloated, I can pass motion twice a day. Even though recently I have better appetite, I am glad my tummy is still flat”, Betty Teo, Trainer, 27 Mar 2011.
“I used to have wheezing sounds and breathless after my surgical operation. My weight went down tremandously and underweight. My doctor said I could be developing asthmatic conditions. After practicing what I learnt from the  comprehensive meridian massage workshop, I no longer have wheezing sounds nor breathless.  My weight has gone back to normal and my friends commented my skin more radiant.” Eunice, MOE, Jan 2011
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