We have fun at LOHAS Meridian Exercise Program

22 Jul 2012

Six weeks of Healthy & Fun session has passed.  Time flies.

It was a rewarding session for the trainers team when we hear participants see improvement in their well-being.

Improvement such as better sleep, improved digestive system or bowel movement or even relieving symptoms of illness is remarkable, considering what we do here are exercise program (not medication).

LOHAS Meridian Exercise is just another typical exercise program. We have made the exercise more time efficient and effective for busy working class.

Here are some photos to relive the moment..

TCM Meridian and self- check 



Day 1. Self check our health

 Useful point for lung and kidneyImportant point for respiratory and kidney
Acupressure point for blood and high blood pressure 



Important point for ladies and HBP

She relieve her knee problem within 2 weeksMother and daughter team. 100% Synchronized action!
 Cheerful and positive energy from the sistersCheerful and fun sisters
 Stretching important location at our yin and yang meridiansAre we sending Qi to the paper
Getting it right even in stretching and warm up 



Get it right during the stretching

useful for office workersUseful and important technique for office workers
 Focus mind-body-emotionWe are focus – mind-body-emotion

Self check our health
Lets check ourselves
Tracing our bladder meridian  


Lets trace our meridian

Do it the right way for your meriidan
How to improve your meridian
Stretching the gall bladder meridian 


Stretch your gall bladder meridian

How to relax and sleep better 


Relaxing technique and sleep better

Yes, we completed our program!

Start your day with more energyStart your day with more energy


Important point for health and self-check







Important point for Qi and blood circulation.

It was a FUN session with good combination of theory and exercises.  It is so rewarding when participants shared how they have improved each week.

We sincerely hope all our participants have better health through regular practice of the simple and useful LOHAS Meridian Exercises.

“5 Minutes A Day, Happy and Healthy Always”

Participants Feedback

Hello Peng Tatt & Lihuan –

many thanks for forwarding the photos to me. I must say it has been a very educational and beneficial session.  You’re a very fun and patient teacher who takes pride and pains in explaining & demonstrating every step in detail to your students.  Yes, I can testify that I’ve truly energised myself from your sessions and can feel that the “blocked” qi in my body is being “unblocked” by exercising the LOHAS Meridian steps you taught.  Also I can feel that my immue system is strengthened by faithfully doing the LOHAS Meridian exercise at least twice a day .  For this, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Last but not least, I wish you and Lihuan all the best in whatever you’re doing and keep up the good work for sharing your knowledge in promoting a healthier lifestyle.  Looking forward to learn more from you re healthy living and keeping pains, aches & illnesses at arm’s length.

Cheers & take care!

Sylvia, MFA, July 2012

Dear Peng Tatt
We should thank you for these valuable sessions, sharing with us the right way of keeping our body fit and healthy.  Through The LOHAS Meridian Exercise, I personally can see results. Now I don’t feel bloated and I can feel that my digestive system is stronger and bowel system is more regular too.  I am not sure how long I have to suffer if I have not ome to know about this Exercise.  Thank you .
Thank you for the lovely photos.  It is so well taken.
I hope to catch up with you for more workshops in near future.
Judy, Admin, July 2012

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