Good work comes with more work?

25 Jan 2013

This is will be the fourth year coming for us to serve Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)

I still remember in 2010,  just a simple thought of trying to raise fund for the needy during the lunar new year has translated to an opportunity for us in Beacon LOHAS to be able to serve and use our skill and experience into good use.

We were invited to provide a relaxing massage for the caregivers in the CCF at NUH branch.  It started out with one session a month in 2010.  I guess the parents really need that good pair of hands and at least have time out for themselves.   Eventually, the massage service turned into 2 sessions per month in 2011.

I still remembered there was a social worker told us the rationale behind the massage services.   It is meant to let the caregivers have “time out” for themselves.  Many of them sleep just next to the bed side of their children.  Stiff neck and shoulder, tiredness are part and parcel of their “hotel stay” at the hospital.  Some even have headache and migraine.   So, our presence is at the right place and right time.

Many of our participants think that we have contribute a lot.  However, we are also the one receiving a lot.  Every time we serve there, we also get to appreciate life and what we have.   One of the picture that motivates me a lot is the picture drawn by a teenage patient whose eye-sight are partially impaired due to her treatment.  Her message – “I’m Stronger Than Cancer”


Instead of self-pity, she chose to draw this picture to inspire the younger one. What a courageous girl!

Fast forward to 2013, I guess “good work” comes with “more work”, we are invited to provide similar session to CCF@KKH which we are glad to do so.  This will be a year that we are busier for our own training activities as well as community services.

We are grateful for the opportunities.

We have fun at LOHAS Meridian Exercise Program

22 Jul 2012

Six weeks of Healthy & Fun session has passed.  Time flies.

It was a rewarding session for the trainers team when we hear participants see improvement in their well-being.

Improvement such as better sleep, improved digestive system or bowel movement or even relieving symptoms of illness is remarkable, considering what we do here are exercise program (not medication).

LOHAS Meridian Exercise is just another typical exercise program. We have made the exercise more time efficient and effective for busy working class.

Here are some photos to relive the moment..

TCM Meridian and self- check 



Day 1. Self check our health

 Useful point for lung and kidneyImportant point for respiratory and kidney
Acupressure point for blood and high blood pressure 



Important point for ladies and HBP

She relieve her knee problem within 2 weeksMother and daughter team. 100% Synchronized action!
 Cheerful and positive energy from the sistersCheerful and fun sisters
 Stretching important location at our yin and yang meridiansAre we sending Qi to the paper
Getting it right even in stretching and warm up 



Get it right during the stretching

useful for office workersUseful and important technique for office workers
 Focus mind-body-emotionWe are focus – mind-body-emotion

Self check our health
Lets check ourselves
Tracing our bladder meridian  


Lets trace our meridian

Do it the right way for your meriidan
How to improve your meridian
Stretching the gall bladder meridian 


Stretch your gall bladder meridian

How to relax and sleep better 


Relaxing technique and sleep better

Yes, we completed our program!

Start your day with more energyStart your day with more energy


Important point for health and self-check







Important point for Qi and blood circulation.

It was a FUN session with good combination of theory and exercises.  It is so rewarding when participants shared how they have improved each week.

We sincerely hope all our participants have better health through regular practice of the simple and useful LOHAS Meridian Exercises.

“5 Minutes A Day, Happy and Healthy Always”

Participants Feedback

Hello Peng Tatt & Lihuan –

many thanks for forwarding the photos to me. I must say it has been a very educational and beneficial session.  You’re a very fun and patient teacher who takes pride and pains in explaining & demonstrating every step in detail to your students.  Yes, I can testify that I’ve truly energised myself from your sessions and can feel that the “blocked” qi in my body is being “unblocked” by exercising the LOHAS Meridian steps you taught.  Also I can feel that my immue system is strengthened by faithfully doing the LOHAS Meridian exercise at least twice a day .  For this, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Last but not least, I wish you and Lihuan all the best in whatever you’re doing and keep up the good work for sharing your knowledge in promoting a healthier lifestyle.  Looking forward to learn more from you re healthy living and keeping pains, aches & illnesses at arm’s length.

Cheers & take care!

Sylvia, MFA, July 2012

Dear Peng Tatt
We should thank you for these valuable sessions, sharing with us the right way of keeping our body fit and healthy.  Through The LOHAS Meridian Exercise, I personally can see results. Now I don’t feel bloated and I can feel that my digestive system is stronger and bowel system is more regular too.  I am not sure how long I have to suffer if I have not ome to know about this Exercise.  Thank you .
Thank you for the lovely photos.  It is so well taken.
I hope to catch up with you for more workshops in near future.
Judy, Admin, July 2012

For more information about LOHAS Meridian Exercise Program, click here to find out or contact us.




Employee Wellness Program-Happy Healthy & Rejuvenating

2 June 2012

We are grateful to have opportunity to share our experiences with the wonderful teachers and staffs at National Junior College on 29 May 2012.

Through the 1.5 hour sessions they have learnt not only about acupressure points but more about how to observe their health, simple & useful LOHAS Meridian Exercise basic routine and many 1-minute techniques for managing stress, relief stress related symptoms, improving digestive systems.  Most of all, they have lots of FUN.

Here are some photos to recap the learning and capture the beautiful memories.  Beacon LOHAS trainer team were impressed by their warm reception and cheerful smile and laughter.

Staff retreats - Meridian Self-Therapy Basic




1. Attentive audience


cheerful audience

2. Getting ready for more learning.


Why we learn Meridian Self-Therapy

3. Enjoying fun and educational video.

Truly Happy and Healthy Staff Wellness Program





4. Sure we want to have fun.

Interactive session - observing our health

5. Group practice.

Your eyes is the window to your health

6. We are not playing games, we are observing each other health indicator.

Understand our body signal





7. Your hands can tell a story.


Powerful and effective routine for overall well-being





8. Useful 5 min routine to stay Happy & Healthy.


Innovation of Beacon LOHAS





9. LOHAS Meridian Exercise basic


Effective one minute techniques





10.  1-minute techniques for calming.


Interactive and fun hands-on session





11. Supportive colleague


Practice makes perfect




12. We love this activity


another useful technique for calming







13. Enjoy like a king

More practical for us







14. Don’t forget to pose for photos.

Demo- Multipurpose Acupressure Point

15. Useful multipurpose point.

Important area to relieve stiff neck and shoulder





16.  Important meridian and point to relieve stiff neck and shoulder.


Yes,we are the best!







17. We are best partner!

Natural Pain Killer Point







18. Important point for relieving pain.

Even though it was a short introductory session, many have benefited from the  session.  Most of the participants commented that it was informative, practical and fun session.  This is truly what the objective of the program – Happy, Healthy and Rejuvenating for the staffs.

Fun and Healthy Employee Wellness Program

16 Mar 2012

It’s was an energetic morning when we stepped into the office of MindChamps.

Seeing all the staffs wearing the bright red tee-shirt and walking in a fast pace with lots of energy, tells us that there is a dynamic team inside this company.  The background music helped to bring up the atmosphere, it seemed like everybody is looking forward to their monthly meeting.

Beacon LOHAS is honored to serve such a dynamic and fun team, helping them in creating happy and healthy lifestyle in their fast pace environment. While waiting patiently outside the meeting room, Li Huan and I heard laughters and cheers, sipping through the tightly closed door.

Laughter and cheers? What an interesting monthly meeting they are having?
What games are they playing?

It triggered the inner child inside me and made me so curious in what is happening.

At the same time, I was looking forward to add value to this fun loving people.

Fifteen minutes later, it’s was our turn to be inside the room.  We were so privilege to hear Michelle sharing her journey of going through health challenges and how she managed to get well.  All this made her treasures her health, her life and people around her.

Her message to her beloved colleagues, “Healthy life is a meaningful life“.  When she mentioned this, it resonated with my heart, because this is exactly Beacon LOHAS colorful logo means – “life with health is colorful“.

your sustainable health partner

Inside my heart, “I have a mission today, to inspire the dynamic people here to take care of themselves better with the simple and effective LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy techniques“.

Many people would have known that MindChamps is a dynamic institute that brings out the genius of our children.  They have many fun and effective learning techniques for their student.  With that in mind, it’s logical to think that any ordinary,mediocre & boring wellness program would not suit the dynamic staffs of this organisation.

As the training provider, we have to match up or even exceed their expectation towards a FUN, INFORMATIVE and PRACTICAL session.  And we did it in just 60 minutes!

Your hand is your first aid kit

While explaining the LOHAS Meridian concepts clearly and lively to them, the passionate trainer gets the staffs to participate FULLY, with lots of fun and energy. They lived up to the name of  “Power Up Your Health” session, they get to learn useful and very powerful  “LOHAS Meridian Exercise Basic“, a simple and effective way to energize the body and start the day with more energy.


The Champs there also learnt many useful techniques to manage stress related symptoms, improve respiratory systems (sensitive nose) and immune systems.  Of course, some of the simple exercise would help them with better digestion and weight management too.

One of the participants can feel the energy is moving inside him within 5 minutes of practice.  Yes! “5 min a day, happy and healthy always” is our motto of the program.

Fun and hands-on employee wellness program  Fun and laughter


Through out this compact, informative and fun session, participants get to understand their body better and learn some telling sign of their body meridian health status.  They get to find many useful body point that helps them to make them healthier (not sick doesn’t means healthy yet).

fun and interactive session  5 mins a day, happy and healthy always


The session ended in a high spirit where all the staffs learnt useful techniques and get their health questions answered by our trainers. Some common issues are related to aches and pains. They also get the chance to clarify for their family members health issue. The trainers were delighted to know that there are such a keen interest in this natural, safe and most cost effective way of stay healthy.

Of course, this is just the first session of “Happy and Healthy at Workplace“. Imagine that if they get to practice and learn more of the LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy techniques on the monthly basis, it would create a healthy and dynamic team for better performance at work.

It also means that the staffs are healthy and productive, which in turns allows them to have more quality time with their family or personal life.  This is the vision of Beacon LOHAS employee wellness program. Creating a healthy, balanced work-life.

Beacon LOHAS is not just only your training provider.

We are smart learner

We are your SUSTAINABLE HEALTH partner.


Lose weight permanently should be easy and fun

3 Mar 2012

One week after Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop participants finished their program, they feedback that now they understand why previously they have tried so many methods but didn’t see sustainable results.

They have tried using some oral health product (I wonder how safe it is) lose weight without health supplementwhich showed results. However the moment they stop using it, the weight came back at a faster pace.

He also had tried using mind focusing method to slim down successfully but once the mind was distracted by busy schedule, the weight bounced back again.  In our class, all our participants are aware that just purely based on “Mind Power” or “Control” or “Discipline” is not enough for sustainable result. Are they happy just “controlling” themselves?  Who like to be controlled all the time? Weight management should be easy and fun, isn’t it?

Both scenarios are quite common to many people who had multiple attempts without much SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.  One of the reasons is that they are using something external (which include expensive health supplement, signing up slimming packages or using some food replacement or tedious diet preparation) that may yield temporary results but may not be sustainable.  This is like trying to clean the room filled with cigarette smoke by using air freshener.  It may temporary mask the filthy air.  However, so long as there are people continue smoking inside the room, the result is not promising no matter how many dosage of air freshener are used.

In fact, the combination of air freshener (chemical based) with smoke particles may resulted in other effect or odor too.

What can be done to this room?  Clean the air the natural way and remove the source of the contamination where the smokers naturally and automatically don’t feel like smoking because they no longer has the urge (no coercing or forcing).  We call it TRUE FREEDOM.

As one of the participants had put it, Ultimate Slimming Intensive program is  a beautiful blend of mind focusing as well as LOHAS meridian therapy techniques that solving the root cause naturally along the way.

In fact, just the FOUR GOLDEN PRINCIPLES, which allows our participants to enjoy food and stay slim at the same time, is the first step to liberation.  This is like air cleaning case where the smoker no longer have the urge of smoking.

On the other hand, if we rely too much of the health supplement or food replacement, the result may not be sustainable because they don’t empower the individuals.  Those individuals has to “rely” on something external to achieve their goal.  Many a times, those methods are not cheap too, not to mention what could be the long term side effects.

In short, to achieve SUSTAINABLE RESULTS, first we need to recognize the individuals need to have true power (true freedom) by transforming their lifestyle.

Secondly, we need to empower them with simple and easy to follow methods such as FOUR GOLDEN PRINCIPLES, LOHAS Meridian Therapy or LOHAS Meridian Exercises (so that busy, lack of persistence will not be the excuse anymore).

Of course, the important factor is those individual must be readily and unconditionally willing to be empowered, if they seek TRUE FREEDOM for their future.

Ultimate Slimming Intensive Program


This is what Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop strive to help them
discover.  Help them discover their true strength and empower them with simple and effective ways for their ideal weight and ideal health.

Ways to improve immune system (LOHAS Meridian Exercise)

16 Feb 2012

Recently, there are a few friends of mine, (and their friends as well), were complaining having sore throat, fever and cough.  Some were even down with runny nose.  Some of them have to be on sick leave for almost a week.

Imagine the lost of productivity, fun and enjoyment because of the infection.

Besides drinking water, what other ways can help us to avoid being hit by those unwanted (avoidable) situation is taking pear or watermelon (not suitable for people with weak stomach) when we start to have dry throat or  feeling”heaty”.  Prevention is always better than cure, isn’t?

For the past 8 years, I’ve not been taking such medication because I hardly fell sick. Even if I am sick, I recover within 2 days without medication.  I practised the above method.

Another thing that helps me very much is the LOHAS Meridian Exercises.

LOHAS Meridian Exercises is the essence of LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy teaching.  It summarized the important teaching into 5~10 min actions.

We designed it with initial intention to help people improve Qi & Blood circulation through a FUN way.

However, as more and more people practice it, they came back to us with feedback such as improvement on digestive system, improve immune system, relieve aches and pain, improve bowel movement, overweight and underweight, high blood pressure, knee joint problem.

For example, there is a corporate trainer, Betty, she has been spending $80+ per month on an US health supplement to improve her bowel movement.  After practicing the LOHAS Meridian Exercise, she totally cut down on that supplement.  On top of that, she can even improve her quality of sleep and start her day with more energy.

Imagine, $80+ per months means almost $1000 saving a year!

Definitely that $1000 can be put into other good use, like travel, gift for one-self or family or simply more saving.

That is the reason we are regularly advocating people to practise LOHAS Meridian Exercise, help people be healthy ans save lots of money.

The beautiful part is, LOHAS Meridian Exercise is simple and easy to learn and yet very useful and effective.

Why LOHAS Meridian Exercises works because it improve the Qi & Blood circulation and thus enhances our internal organs. It focus on many important points of our body to strengthen our meridian.

We designed the movement and sequence such that a 5~10 min LOHAS Meridian Exercise is almost equivalent to 20 min brisk walking.  On top of that, it enhance the flexibility of our joints.

Out motto, ” 5 min a day, happy and healthy always”<

For more information and participants feedback,

The next coming class is 18 Feb (Sat) 4PM-6PM.  $15 per pax. $25 per 2 pax.

Call/sms 90662770 to register now. Book your slot and get your health question answered during the class.
We want you to be healthy and have more enjoyment in life.

Weight management tips for the holiday seasons

21 Jan 2012

The Lunar New Year is around the corner. Many people are looking forward to the new year celebration for various reasons.  It is a time to relax, re-connect with family members and friends.  Of course, some would take this opportunity to liberate themselves for more food, drinks and even gambling.

It’s inevitable that we tend to have more opportunities to have food in take. Staying slim and enjoy food at the same time seems impossible. Isn’t it true?  Is it?

If we choose to believe what had happened to us in the past, the above claim seems like a fact.  However, the good news is that there is a saying, “the past does not reflect the future”.

First of all, it is all about our choice.  It’s up to us whether we think staying slim is important for us in this season.  Many would have easily give up and crumple to their old thinking and beliefs – “festive season, I will sure gain weight”.    So, somehow it is a self full filling prophecy for themselves.

First we have to make a decision to stay slim without sacrificing the food we love.

Secondly, we need to know what it means to us if we achieve this.  If it doesn’t have any strong significance to us, chances are, we will fall back to our old habit of over-indulgent.

Thirdly, is to be really eat slowly and enjoy the food rather then just putting the food into our mouth unconsciously while we were chatting with our friends.  If you taste the flavor of the food or cookies, chances are you will enjoy the food more without over eating.  In fact, if you find something nice, praise your friends (or whoever made it) for their great cooking skills.  You will be more likable too.

A good test whether you really eat slowly and enjoy the food is to ask yourself, “what did I had for my previous meal, how does it taste? Which dishes I like most?”  If you can answer within a second or two, then it is highly that you are enjoying your food.

With this you will not be over-eating because you are more satisfied compared to just mere swallowing them without tasting them. This is one of the important techniques in the Ultimate Slimming Intensive Program (USP-i) too.

In USP-i, participants gets to learn many techniques to enjoy food without gaining weight, including meridian self-massage and easy steps to burn exta calorie.  At the end of the USP-i, participants will set their Autopilot Slimming Program so that they have sustainable weight lost.

Another good way that works for me when I am full (and don’t feeling like eating) but don’t want to offend the overwhelming gesture of relative is to hold a piece of cookies or goodies without eating it.  And when I am holding that piece, I put a “full” meaning to that piece of food.  So long as your hand is holding something, chances are you will not be stuffed with new food.

Of course, if you really eat too much than you can digest.  A good 10~15min walk about is away to make you feel better (not so bloated) at the same time  help you to burn some calories.

Last but not least, if you really gain weight during this holiday season, it is a good time to attend Ultimate Slimming Intensive Program (USPi) by Beacon LOHAS.

Wishing you have a good lunar new year celebration.  Huat-ah! 😀

*Huat-ah = is a local way of celebrating and anticipating good luck together*

LOHAS DIGEST 28 – One word that makes the difference

Dear friends of Beacon LOHAS,

I’ve just came back from Hong Kong trip together with my family members.

Frankly speaking, Hong Kong has not been in my list of top holiday destination.

However, my instinct just told me to go for it because my parents may need my help there.

It’s also a time together with family.

It was an interesting trip for me because I had the chance to experience “slowness” in Hong Kong, a word which is almost alien to a busy and fast pace Hong Kong.

For the most part of my eight days trip, I had to walk along with my dad who is overweight with high blood pressure and diabetes.

The first day upon arrival, he complained knee pain after some walking or after climbing one or two storey.  This was the least thing we expected including my brother who has been living together with him for years.

My father had to take a rest after a short distance walk – less than 200m.  When climbing stairs, his knee would hurt and give way after climbing the stairs.  Most of the time in our trip, my siblings, mother and nephews were walking far ahead of us while my father and I were “snail-ing” our way towards the destination.  His blood pressure shot up to 210/90 for the most of the trip.

He would belongs into “Blood Stagnation Group” in our Eat According To Your Body Type workshop

On the other hand, my mother was able to follow her two grandsons to roam around at interesting places, shopping, look for place to enjoy dim sum, carry her own luggage, taking photos, having fun at the ride in Disney Land with her two dearest grandsons, at her age of 71.

My father is 74 and my mother is 71.  Their age difference was not wide apart but their health status and mobility can be equate to heaven and earth.  If there is only one word that describes what sets them apart, I would put it the word “ownership”.

My father put the ownership of his health to the pharmacist, doctors and other people.  During his daily routine in Penang, he drives and rides motor cycle (no matter how short the distance).  He was regular drinkers when he was young.  Many times, he takes two portions of meals, no matter how late.

I still remember, there is one night in Hong Kong, he took one bowl of porridge and one bowl of wanton noodle around 11pm. His traditional way of thinking, having lunch or dinner means he has to stuff himself until he really full.  He believes taking pills is the only way to make him healthy.  He takes 7 pills every morning and night.  His medical bill is $200 – $300.  Throughout the whole Hong Kong trip, I reminded (nagged) him, “The best person to take care of your health is yourself, just be more active daily”.

My mother, after much influence from me over the past two years proudly show off her results to me.  She practices many of the techniques that taught in LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapyworkshop, Kaizen-Stepping concept and Four Golden Principles in Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop.  She told me that she no longer takes glucosamine for very long but her knee is feeling much better and flexible.  She does self-massaging and Kaizen-Stepping anytime and anywhere. She even did it when she was queuing at immigration checkpoint.

She shares the same thinking with me, spending time waiting for queue number in clinic and hospital is a waste of time and money.  Relies on medication means less freedom to her.  Clearly, she takes “ownership” of her health and takes conscious simple effort.  Thus, she enjoyed very much of the Hong Kong trip together with the two energetic grandsons.

With the two different results happening under one roof, it is a good reminder for me about what kind of health status I want to have when I am 70~80 years old.  Clearly, I want to take “ownership” of my health.

Year 2012 is just around the corner, let us makes conscious effort and take ownership, let us be healthy and healthier for the future.   Let start simple – have an active lifestyle, walk more, step more, move around more, of course LOHAS meridian exercise more.

Have a happy and healthy year ahead

~~~~~~~ as written in 28 Dec 2011~~~~~~~~~~

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LOHAS Meridian Massage Workshop (Comprehensive) – Nov 2011

15 Nov 2011

Our Day 1 of LOHAS Meridian Massage Comprehensive has completed with our fun loving participants enjoying the understand of 5 Elements and their relationship towards our health.

We have Steve, the thorn among the roses, participating fully and lighten up the whole class.  Even before the class was commenced, some of our participants (who are attending LOHAS Meridian Flexercise) shared how they benefited from the simple tapping method and seeing improvement to their health.

The class started of with the basic LOHAS Meridian Exercise followed by the understanding of the Meridian System in our body.

They also get to learn SIMPLE and EFFECT meridian massage technique for stress management and emergencies such as breathless, giddiness or event fainted scenario. The class continue with lots of fun and laughter with many useful meridian knowledge to learn.

Meridian Massage Workshop Nov 2011 Participants  Group activity in meridian massage workshop   Participants have fun practising Meridan Massage Techniques

1. Colorful Participants             2. Ready for group activity       3. Fun practical session

First person to start the 5 elements chart   LOHAS Meridian Massage Trainer excited by the group  Everybody has chance to practice

4. Action taker celebrates          5. Trainer excited too              6. Everybody has chance

Trainer show easier way to remember the TCM 5 Elements   Participants get more confidence after practising  Participant remembers well because it is related to family health

7. Tips on remembers faster    8. I can do it too!                    9. It is important for my family

Even the new comers gets to practice   It was a fun session, participants get excited now   Another meridian massage self-check technique

10. New comer gets to do it.    11. Excited supporter              12. Meridian Self Check


Meridian Massage to relieve tension by trainer   Trainer guide participants how to massage effectively   Participants show their understanding on TCM basic concepts

13. Meridian Massage Demo   14. Personal guidance            15 We did it!

It was a fun session with lots of learning. Participants not only get to learn about LOHAS Meridian Massage and Hand Techniques, they get to understand their body signal as well.

Looking forward for Day 2 with more learning about LOHAS Meridian Massage and Hand Techniques.  The participants will sure like the hands-on technique.

Daily slices of ginger can do wonders

20 Oct 2011

Recently, there is a research article suggesting daily dose of ginger may play a role in reducing colon cancer risk.

Ginger - Food that healsThe University of Michigan Medical School research team had done experiment on 30 healthy adults.  On a random selection basis, some of the adults were given daily intake of 2g of ginger per day versus the control group just took a normal placebo powder (as comparison).

After 28 days, the adults in the daily ginger intake group appeared to have shown sign of reduction of inflammatory in colon.  While the research is still only in its phase II, it suggested that ginger could be explored further for people with higher risk of colon cancer.  Ginger seems to be tolerable and safe. In the article, it suggested that further investigation in people at high risk for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) seems warranted.  So, if you are person who do not really enjoy  ginger, this may be a good  reason for you to try to.

In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginger is a very useful daily food that can serve as medicine as well as food.

In our recent Meridian Massage Graduate gathering, I shared with our graduate this Chinese quote, “男人不可百日无姜” (which literally translated to “a man cannot afford not to take ginger for 100 days”), says a lot about the importance of ginger.

Ginger provides “yang” (阳) energy to the body, thus warm our body.  Some of the healing properties of gingers include relieve cold, flu and motion sickness, warm our body, improve blood circulation and digestion.  It is also useful to relieve aches and pains, as mentioned in the above research that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

Even though University of Michigan Medical School mentioned that ginger is considered safe and tolerable.  However, in TCM, human body can be classified into different body constitution.   There are groups of people should take ginger in moderation while the others should take more.  Typically, people with “warm” body type should not over eat ginger.

Meridian Massage Workshop - 5 elementsThat is the reason in LOHAS Meridian Comprehensive workshop, we teach about the 5 elements of body, daily food that nourishes our body type and LOHAS Meridian Hand Techniques that enhance your body constitution.  Each of our body is different and unique.  It is imperative to understand our body and take care accordingly.

Ginger can be useful for external application too.  For people always having cold hand and feet, you can try to soak your feet with warm water mixed with ginger water.   Another useful area would be relieving knee and ankle pain.

Next time, when you see ginger in your dishes, try to enjoy them.

Stay Healthy
Beacon LOHAS ~ your SUSTAINABLE HEALTH partner

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