Good work comes with more work?

25 Jan 2013

This is will be the fourth year coming for us to serve Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)

I still remember in 2010,  just a simple thought of trying to raise fund for the needy during the lunar new year has translated to an opportunity for us in Beacon LOHAS to be able to serve and use our skill and experience into good use.

We were invited to provide a relaxing massage for the caregivers in the CCF at NUH branch.  It started out with one session a month in 2010.  I guess the parents really need that good pair of hands and at least have time out for themselves.   Eventually, the massage service turned into 2 sessions per month in 2011.

I still remembered there was a social worker told us the rationale behind the massage services.   It is meant to let the caregivers have “time out” for themselves.  Many of them sleep just next to the bed side of their children.  Stiff neck and shoulder, tiredness are part and parcel of their “hotel stay” at the hospital.  Some even have headache and migraine.   So, our presence is at the right place and right time.

Many of our participants think that we have contribute a lot.  However, we are also the one receiving a lot.  Every time we serve there, we also get to appreciate life and what we have.   One of the picture that motivates me a lot is the picture drawn by a teenage patient whose eye-sight are partially impaired due to her treatment.  Her message – “I’m Stronger Than Cancer”


Instead of self-pity, she chose to draw this picture to inspire the younger one. What a courageous girl!

Fast forward to 2013, I guess “good work” comes with “more work”, we are invited to provide similar session to CCF@KKH which we are glad to do so.  This will be a year that we are busier for our own training activities as well as community services.

We are grateful for the opportunities.